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Crafting Connections, Creating Impact

As Studio Sampersand, I believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and connection. My logo embodies this ethos, which is more than just a catchy moniker—it's a guiding principle that drives everything I do. The ampersand symbolizes my commitment to work together with my partners to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we'll build lovebrands that are user-centric and planet-friendly, weaving genuine purpose into every project.

Let's build amazing experiences

Are you ready to scale your business or kickstart your startup with a bang? Whether you're an established brand or just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, Studio Sampersand is here to help you succeed. With our user-centric approach and captivating storytelling solutions, we'll elevate your brand strategy to new heights. From designing websites to crafting social media posts and flyers, we ensure that every touchpoint communicates your brand ethos and values, captivating your audience and sparking interest at the right time. Let's collaborate to build amazing experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience and drive success for your business.

The Perfect Solution | by Studio Sampersand

Branding & consultancy

Remescar | by Studio Sampersand

Branding, Marketing, UI/UX, Graphic services

Axitrans | by Studio Sampersand

Marketing, UI/UX, Graphic services

ODA Skincare | by Studio Sampersand

Branding, Marketing, UI/UX, Graphic services

Happy people, great projects

"Sam's expertise goes beyond design, with a deep understanding of marketing principles that greatly enriches his work. He is also driven by a relentless dedication to structure processes and flows. His keen eye for detail ensures that every project he touches is executed with precision. Working with Sam was not only enjoyable but also inspiring. He was always there to support me, even without asking."

Merel Hille

Global Brand Marketing Manager (Karo Healthcare)

"Sam effortlessly combines design with strategic thinking. His commitment to excellence - elevating the aesthetic quality of our projects - has also played a pivotal role in shaping our brand identity. Sam consistently brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, turning concepts into winning campaigns. He has not only impressive technical skills but works at high speed and efficiency, always being on top of his projects with the bigger picture in mind."

Stefanie Schulz

Content Marketing Manager (Karo Healthcare)

"In the time Sam was aboard at Code d'Or, my team and I got to know him as a solid source of inspiration, a stockpile of good intentions and ideas, a colleague we could rely on. To his credit: we found him to be critical, researching, and thoughtful of the larger pictures and the details of a project in front of him, and he understood that all these things need to work together to come up with a fitting solution."

Frank Guthorel

Owner (Code d'Or)

"Sam is a very committed, talented, and innovative designer, art director and marketeer. His ability to be creative, strategic, and highly organized at the same time is a combination that makes him unique. He analyses projects,  and makes sure the communication flow and user journey are on point. He's not afraid to challenge inefficiencies and offers fitting solutions, both in the creative output or project workflow."

Marjolein Bamps

Sr. Brand Creative Services Manager (Kontoor Brands / Wrangler)

"Having worked closely together with Sam for 1,5 years has been a daily pleasure. Not only is he an exceptional designer full of creativity and playfulness as well as a talented strategist who always aims to simplify processes and make everyone's work easier, but also a witty, genuine and kind person – which I personally value the most. I have always been impressed by Sam's precision and speed, his love for details and his ability to adapt to new tools and changing circumstances within the blink of an eye."

Lennart Görlich

Junior Community Manager (Karo Healthcare)

"If you're looking for a skilled designer who's easy to work with, I highly recommend Sam. He is a hard worker who's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get things done, with great eye for detail. He always delivers high-quality work. What I appreciate most about Sam is his creativity. He's not content with producing cookie-cutter designs. On top of all that, Sam is just a nice guy, easy to talk to & open to feedback."

Bas Mahieu

Product designer (Code d'Or)

Freelance or in-house?

At Studio Sampersand, we understand that every project and business is unique. That's why we offer flexible hiring options to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for freelance project support or in-house assistance, I've got you covered.

Freelance Assignment (In-House or Remote)

(Temporary) In-House cover or remote assignments or for strategy, marketing and design profiles.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Brand strategy, Competitor Research, Brand guidelines, Marketing Calendar, Brand Management, …


From "just the logo", visual identity to full-on branding guidelines.

Graphic Services

Designing your stationary, marketing campaign touchpoints (poster, flyer, adverts, social media posts, email, reels, …).

Webdesign (UI/UX)

From intake-workshops, userflow, wireframes, webdesign (UI) to user experience (UX) for websites, webshops and dataplatforms.


Urgent (one month from now)

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