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Crafting Appealing Marketing Collateral

Within marketing there is little doubt how much impact a well-executed campaign benefits from having the right visual collateral to go with it. As a seasoned design-professional, I understand the importance of visually appealing marketing collateral in capturing the attention of your audience like no other. The graphic services I provide are designed to align seamlessly with your brand's visual identity and strategy, ensuring consistency and effectiveness across all touchpoints.

Fraai | by Studio Sampersand

Tactile design solutions

From your stationary, packaging design to posters, POS displays, and flyers. With my rich experience in creating all these types of collateral, I can assist with creating printed materials that leave a lasting impression. Our designs are not just visually appealing; they're strategically crafted to communicate your brand message and drive engagement. From cmyk to pantone, offset to silkscreen printing. I'll make sure that your tactile touchpoints will spark interest.

> Stationary

> Posters & flyers

> Magazines & books

> Window decals & signage

> Vehicle wrapping design

> Catalogues

> Unique print projects

Wrangler | by Studio Sampersand

Literal touch-points

In today's digital world, virtual representations of your brand identity are more important than ever. From social media posts and adverts to short reels, emails, and landing pages. It is important to build out a consistent narrative when creating digital content that resonates with your audience and elevates your online presence. More than ever before, people dedicate their time and attention to digital touchpoints, tapping and clicking to interact with your brand in an immersive way, so you better make the most out of it.

> Marketing guidelines
> Social templates

> Advertising support

> Email support

> Short reels & video formats
> Landingpage designs
> Componentdesign
> Web design

> User interface design
> User experience design

Packaging design

Wrapping your product in your narrative and visual identity. As known in the product-industry there is no doubt of the importance of creating an amazing experience for our consumer when they first unwrap their purchase. Equally important is making sure the packaging answers to all the up-to-date regulatory and legal limitations for wording and styling.

Social & advertising

Promoting your product or service through the virtual means is usually one of the first touchpoints with which a new client can be onboarded in your brand world. From your social accounts to paid advertising, email campaigns to tv-commercials. The importance of well-crafted marketing campaign  and collateral are key for succes.

Tactile collateral

Doing a guerilla marketing campaign with posters, flyers, or even a pop-up shop that needs window decals. Executing your tactical strategy into a visual representation can be challenging, but is key to building succesful missions. Get in touch with your audience, for long-lasting, memorable experiences.

Landingpage or website

The digital touchpoint particularly established to bridge your narrative from interest to aquisition. Your website stands to convince your (new) customer to become a true brand ambassador. Having a strategically thought out userflow, making it a great user experience from opening the website to checking out in the basket. Your website is a through journey in your brand world.

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