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  • Where does the name "Sampersand" come from?
    Since graduating, my journey has been enriched by collaborations with diverse talents across numerous remarkable brands, each with its own compelling narrative and aspirations. My portfolio and versatile skill set owe much to the myriad experiences I've encountered, contributing to the realization of these brands' visions. The name Sampersand goes beyond a mere label; it embodies a philosophy. The ampersand (&) symbolizes unity, collaboration, and connectivity, reflecting the essence of our work. It signifies that success isn't just about individual efforts but the collective synergy between myself, clients, and partners, united in crafting exceptional lovebrands. This ethos underscores a genuine brand narrative, committed to delivering outstanding services and products for the betterment of humanity.
  • Who have you worked with/for?
    My portfolio showcases just a fraction of the esteemed clients I've partnered with, but the list extends far beyond. Each collaboration presents a unique blend of challenges and opportunities, with varying degrees of focus and project scale. Adapting to the distinct needs of brand owners has led to a mix of both enduring partnerships and shorter-term engagements. Among the notable names I've had the privilege of working with are AkzoNobel, Alessi, Alpha Foods, Alpro, and many others spanning diverse industries and sectors. From household brands to emerging innovators, my experience encompasses a wide spectrum of clients, each contributing to my comprehensive expertise and skill set. Whether it's crafting compelling narratives or driving strategic initiatives, I've left my mark on brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Hansgrohe, and Whirlpool, among others. Explore the full roster of esteemed clientele I've collaborated with, and let's discuss how I can bring my wealth of experience to elevate your brand to new heights: AkzoNobel, Alessi, Alpha Foods, Alpro, Allévo, Ambrassade, Arte, Axitrans, Balls&Glory, Barbecook, Beaulieu International Group, Berry Alloc, Blum, BuzziSpace, The Coca-Cola Company, De Poort, Electrolux, Esko, Eurabo, Fraai, GDPR Butler, Ghent University, Hansgrohe, Hay, Holy Food Market, iWhite, Lannoo, Lee, Lee Cooper, Lectrr, Levis, The Perfect Solution, Theater Malpertuis, Twixl Media, MDF italia, Modular (Philips), NewPlacesToBe, Niko, Notre Monde, Novy, Oda Skincare, Quick-Step, Remescar, SanPellegrino, Stratics, Van Hoecke, Viaa, Waco, Whirlpool, Wrangler, ...
  • What is your availability?
    Depending on ongoing collaboration, I may be limited taking on new projects. But I may equally just be off a project, and ready to jump into a new adventure. The best way to know for sure is to set up a discovery call.
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