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Reshaping Axitrans: How a Digital Overhaul Drove Double-Digit Growth, Breaking Daily Sales Records.

As a trusted antiperspirant solution for over 40 years, recommended by pharmacists and dermatologists, Axitrans needed a brand refresh and new web design to propel them into the modern era effectively, fitting to their still innovative product solution line. Combined with a successful advertising campaign, Axitrans saw immediate growth seeing double-digit growth on their D2C platform, reinforcing their leading position as a hyperhidrosis solution, effectively having updated their online presence from webshop to product visuals.


Challenges: With zero to no attention given to the brand in years, the Axitrans brand's sales were behind with stable in-store sales but nothing to show online. The core challenge was to refresh the digital identity without altering packaging or visual identity. To modernize the webshop, infusing it with a modern touch and relevance while focusing on problem-solving product solutions had to be established with a creative approach.

Solution: To breathe new life into Axitrans' digital presence, a strategic approach had to be taken. A moodboard was crafted to set the tone for a cohesive art direction, emphasizing diverse imagery that resonated with various skin types and colors. Leveraging resources from free-to-use stock photography websites, while crafting illustrative elements to highlight product impact, useage and efficacy of the product range. The visual identity was not entirely left untouched, adding additional colour tones and soft-tilted, and a dynamic graphic element to create a more modern aesthetic and visual touch. The choice for using the dark-blue colour as a foundation resulted from taking the bestseller in the range as a foundation.

Execution: Wireframes were reworked to streamline information, emphasizing key product USPs and enhancing credibility. Checkout optimizations (such as gift-with-purchase tiering, and a loyalty program), a soon-to-be blog and information hub, detailed explanation on how to use and what to expect of the product, and additional FAQ sections were added to improve user experience and trust. Combined with the fresh appeal solution, this project was a strategically built-up concession to the brand's needs.

Result: With a clear rollout trajectory and strategic content structure, the project proceeded smoothly. The design, aligned with the updated brand guidelines, was executed efficiently. The launch coincided with spring, driving immediate double-digit growth and record-breaking daily sales. The successful execution underscored the importance of setting clear priorities, strategy, and ambitions from the project's outset. Finding common ground on the performance ambitions, with my narrative and more lifestyle-and-marketing-driven preferences were successfully and elegantly met. Once the website was finished, I proposed a few POS materials (flyer, pancarte, …), and developed a potential angle for an advertising campaign focussed on hyper-targeted audiences who actually benefit from the product in real-life situations bringing it closer to the heart. The brand chose not to continue with these touchpoints, due to the successful activations and amazing website results.

Conclusion: Axitrans' digital refresh exemplifies the power of strategic planning and execution in achieving transformative results. Prioritizing user experience, visual appeal, and product credibility, the brand successfully navigated the digital landscape, positioning itself for continued growth and success.