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Natural Harmony: Crafting Axitrans Natural's Digital Website

Axitrans Natural, a sub-brand of Axitrans, aimed to address hyperhidrosis with a skin-friendly, vegan, and natural antiperspirant solution. With a loyal fanbase and decades-long recommendation by pharmacists with its core brand, the brand sought to penetrate the German market with its innovative product line. Axitrans needed a web design to propel them into the German market effectively. Spoiler: Combined with a successful advertising campaign, Axitrans' website was a succesful penetration into this new market!


Challenge: To successfully launch Axitrans Natural in the German market, the brand needed a digital visual identity aligned with the new packaging design. The challenge was to create a visually appealing online presence that stayed true to the one soft-green colour, and kraft-texture, but turning it into a more rounded visual identity that would be in line with modern expectations while emphasizing the natural, problem-solving attributes of the product.

Solution: To address the challenge, I spearheaded the extension of the existing visual identity, focusing on additional art direction and responsive web design. Utilizing mood boards, I curated consistent imagery focused on skin and problem areas, emphasizing diversity in skin color and types. Due to budget constraints, I leveraged platforms like Pexels and Unsplash for imagery and incorporated illustrative elements to highlight product impact. Extending the color palette finalized the visual identity, turning it into a usable identity for online purposes.

Implementation: Collaborating with colleagues, I refined initial wireframes to fit the desired content and seamlessly transitioned into the design phase and clickable prototype. Natural textures of the kraft paper and bamboo combined flawlessly with soft green tones aligned perfectly, creating a cohesive brand experience. Extensive proposals for advertising campaigns and agile product visuals were developed to accommodate future product expansions, from the product visual template, to the flexible, modular design system that I crafted for the web design using components.

Outcome: The project showcased efficiency and synergy among team members, leveraging past experiences to anticipate and address potential challenges. The successful launch and brand campaign for Axitrans Natural underscored the importance of strategic planning and collaborative execution in achieving brand objectives.

Conclusion: By focussing the visual appeal around the product features, structuring the data information accordingly, and working collaboratively towards flawless execution, Axitrans Natural achieved a successful digital launch in the competitive German market. The key efforts driving the success were the effective communication of product USPs combined with an inspiring advertising campaign that truly grasped people's attention. The project demonstrated the value of cohesive branding and effective collaboration in driving brand visibility and market penetration.



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