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Revamping Remescar: Brand Transformation and Growth

Dedicated instant skincare solutions and routine products for mature skin. From strategic opportunities to hands-on execution of the digital and packaging touchpoints, I've assisted Remescar as a part-time in-house resource for 3 years helping innovate their brand narrative with consistent double-digit growth.


Client Background: Remescar, a healthcare brand specializing in instant corrective skincare solutions and daily routine products for mature skin, sought to clean up its brand identity and enhance its touchpoints. With a dedicated copywriter, performance marketers, and brand manager, the team needed an additional hand for building out their marketing and advertising endeavors from email, social media, and advertising to taking the website to a whole new level; fitting to the growth the brand had seen since going digital-first during the covid-era.

Challenges: Initially tasked with updating the brand's digital presence, our collaboration with Remescar evolved to encompass various tactical product implementations and touchpoints. Challenges included modernizing packaging design, optimizing the Amazon storefront, and crafting engaging creative marketing campaigns for major sales events like Black Friday. The biggest growth project was the website, rebuilt from the ground up with a tactical, creative, and performance strategy in mind. The aim was to consistently grow both organically through the blog portal and social channels, while building on brand loyalty through the email campaigns and loyalty program. Adding some strategic product launches, including gift-boxes and high-search-volume keywords based productlaunches like collagen powder, collagen serum, bakuchiol, niacinamide, glowing drops and glowing night mask, age spot serum, and an entire pimple range helped achieve new-to-brand customers, equally increasing the basket value (e.g. purchasing the glow-drops combined with the day cream).

Solution: Through collaborative efforts, we embarked on a comprehensive brand overhaul, refining or reworking nearly all tactile and digital touchpoints including social media templates, the amazon collateral, the brand-website. By focusing on the brand's unique selling points (USPs) and "instant effect" products, we developed a content and marketing strategy to enhance visibility and engagement equally.

Execution: Transitioning from execution-focused tasks to brand-building initiatives, we scaled Remescar's visibility through lifestyle content, USP-driven communication, and strategic product launches. By optimizing packaging design for both offline and online channels and continuously refining visual collateral, we significantly improved new customer acquisitions and individual basket value per purchase.

Highlighted initiatives taken here include improving the automated emails and mail template, adding a loyalty program, quiz-format filtering, dedicated emphasis on the 4-step-routine both in the morning and evening for a well-rounded skin routine, and improved basket features including a gift-with-purchase tiering on the website and amazon point of sales. The improved product visual template, featured throughout the digital touchpoints, emphasizes the competitor research I did, figuring out a good balance in execution to inform the user through eight visuals about the unique features each Remescar product has to offer - including a customer review or statement to ensure potential buyers to make a confident buying choice.

Tangible Achievements:

  • Successfully implemented a comprehensive design system and automated Indesign filesystem, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Spearheaded the redesign and future-proofing of digital touchpoints, including the website, optimizing performance communication and marketing initiatives.

  • Conducted userflow mapping and leveraged competitor and data analyses to identify marketing innovation opportunities, resulting in strategic insights for future campaigns.

  • Developed and executed structural strategies, concepts, and information architectures for Amazon storefronts and 3rd party collateral across the entire EMEA market, enhancing brand visibility and sales.

  • Provided end-to-end support for product packaging, from ideation to design execution, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines and market requirements.

  • Delivered advertising support tailored to the EMEA market, effectively promoting brand awareness and driving sales growth.

  • Played a pivotal role in marketing campaign planning and project flow setup, demonstrating strong project management skills to ensure successful execution.

  • Provided design coaching and support to fellow designers, fostering skill development and collaboration within the team.

Outcome: The successful transformation of Remescar's brand touchpoints led to consistent double-digit growth across the EMEA region. Balancing branding efforts with performance campaigns, we fostered a collaborative environment that embraced storytelling and narrative branding. The implementation of automated design files facilitated agile changes and A/B testing, ensuring ongoing optimization of the content optimization flow.

Conclusion: The collaborative effort between our team and Remescar resulted in a successful brand transformation, driving growth and enhancing brand loyalty. As we continue to focus on storytelling and brand narrative, we anticipate further success and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of our efforts.



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