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Unlocking Beauty: ODA Skincare's Branding Success Story

ODA Skincare is a local skincare specialist dedicated to providing personalized skincare solutions using high-quality products from renowned brands such as Medik8, Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, and Heliocare. Melanie, the founder of ODA Skincare, employs advanced, scientifically proven, tangible techniques like the Lamano®-scan to analyze skin and tailor treatments to individual needs, focusing on enhancing natural beauty and addressing specific skin concerns.


Challenge: As Melanie started her journey to establish ODA Skincare as a solopreneur, she faced the challenge of creating a cohesive brand identity and developing essential tools for her business. She envisioned an illustrative logo that reflected her brand's ethos, with a preference for the color "Vieux Rose," a rich, warm pink. Additionally, Melanie sought assistance crafting tactile touchpoints like gift vouchers and building a functional website with booking capabilities and an online shop to enhance customer experience and accessibility.

Execution: With Melanie's vision and preferences in mind, I acted as a supportive partner, taking on the task of translating her ideas into reality. The logo design process included iterations that reflected ODA Skincare's focus on circadian rhythms, incorporating natural elements, and a variety of hands to encompass her services. Additionally, tactile touchpoints like gift vouchers were picked using reusable metal jars adorned with the ODA Skincare logo burned into the bamboo lids, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practises. Simultaneously, efforts were directed toward building a user-friendly website optimized for SEO and responsiveness, ensuring seamless browsing, booking, and shopping experiences for customers. Additionally, strategic content creation and SEO optimization aimed to enhance online visibility and attract potential customers.

Visual identity

Tactile touchpoints & lasercutting service

Responsive webdesign & development

Result: Following months of diligent effort and dedication, Melanie witnessed the fruition of her business venture. Encouraged by positive feedback and growing demand for her services, she transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship, expanding ODA Skincare's reach and impact. With ongoing support in marketing collateral development and website expansions, Melanie continues to serve her customers and further establish ODA Skincare as a trusted name in the skincare industry. Conclusion: The collaboration with Melanie exemplifies the power of vision, creativity, and strategic execution in building a successful business. By aligning brand identity with values, leveraging innovative solutions, and prioritizing customer experience, ODA Skincare's marketing collateral showcases Melanie's passion and commitment to skincare excellence. As the journey continues, ongoing collaboration and dedication will drive further growth and success for ODA Skincare, from website improvements to flyers. #ProudBrotherAlert!



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