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Crafting a Visual Identity for Ethical Sourcing Consultancy

Serving as the quintessential liaison between manufacturers and brands, 'The Perfect Solution' emerges as the indispensable, professional sourcing partner for fashion and accessories. With an unwavering commitment to creativity, eco-friendliness, and sustainability, we stand poised to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern business alongside our esteemed clientele. As seasoned professionals in the realm of sourcing, we transcend mere transactions to become genuine collaborators, fostering growth and innovation in an ever-evolving market. Now, as we embark on the journey of crafting a visual identity that harmonizes with this mission, we seek a design ethos that exudes warmth, friendliness, and eco-consciousness. Drawing inspiration from pastel hues and industry trend colors, including the esteemed Pantone Color of the Year, our aim is to encapsulate our values in a visual narrative that resonates with authenticity and purpose.


Client Background: The client, Krishna, an experienced sourcing agent in the fashion and home accessories industry, approached our design agency seeking assistance in establishing a compelling brand identity for his new venture. With a career spanning over two decades in the industry, Krishna's firm stands out for its unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices without compromising on quality.

Challenges: Our task was to encapsulate Krishna's brand values of ethical sourcing and sustainability into a visually appealing identity. We aimed to infuse a human touch into a technical industry, emphasizing the importance of ethical principles and environmental consciousness.

Solution: Following an in-depth consultation with Krishna, we identified the key components for the brand identity. Our proposed solution for the visual identity centers around a symbol that embodies professionalism, iconicity, and sustainability while exuding warmth and friendliness. The symbol depicts a hand gesturing the international sign for "perfect," infusing a human touch into the aesthetic and symbolizing our commitment to excellence and partnership. Integrated within this gesture are two symbolic elements representing sustainability: a plant symbolizing the use of natural fibers, earth-concious principles, and overall sustainability in our sourcing practices, and a water drop signifying our dedication to innovative technologies aimed at reducing water usage and minimizing ecological footprints in dyeing and pre-washing processes.

This symbol not only communicates Krishna's dedication to sustainability but also provides a positive narrative around core categories, contributing to a larger discourse on environmental responsibility within the fashion and accessories industry. By combining professionalism, friendliness, and sustainability into a single, iconic symbol, we effectively position ourselves as leaders in his field, paving the way for a future where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand.

Execution: Once the iconic symbol was crafted, it was integrated with "Hanken Grotesk”, a modern yet humanistic sans-serif typeface crafted by Alfredo Marco Pradil. This typography choice reflects our commitment to versatility and readability across various platforms, from environmental signage to digital interfaces. Supporting the low-budget nature of the project, the Hanken Grotesk is free-to-use and, while also making it an excellent solution to implement in the website.

Color plays a pivotal role in embodying our sustainable and modern aesthetic. Departing from pastel tones, we opt for bold colors that evoke the essence of our mission. Our primary colors include #F4F4F4 (off-white), symbolizing the dream and mission of bringing sustainable solutions to fruition; while #E3DCC2 (sand), makes sure we ground ourselves in professionalism and practicality; #18723C (forest green), representing our eco-conscious mission; and #2E22BA (deep ocean blue), symbolizing the water we utilize in fabric production. Additionally, we introduce #FF8C75, a vibrant pink hue, to infuse a trendy accent into our palette.

Supporting hues #B8FC9C (light green), #A0D7D5 (light blue), and #E3DCC2 being the bridge between sand and pink — serve as occasional accents, though we advise discretion in their use to maintain a distinctive brand identity.

This cohesive color palette and typography selection embody the brand's ethos, ensuring consistency and memorability across all communication channels while reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and modernity.

Outcome: The successful handover of the visual identity deck to Krishna left him amazed at the craft and creativity invested in representing his startup. The professional representation of his brand values inspired him, simplifying his journey in setting up his sourcing consultancy. The visual identity not only reflected Krishna's personal ethos but also provided a solid foundation for future branding endeavors.

We showcase the application of our visual identity across a range of mockups and real-use case examples, illustrating how the brand identity resonates in various contexts and touchpoints. This execution sets the tone for a long-lasting and memorable brand experience, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all brand touchpoints. This finalises and leaves an impression for providing a glimpse into the tangible impact of the visual identity will have on the launch of this startup, fostering brand recognition and affinity.

Conclusion: Through collaboration and creativity, we transformed Krishna's vision into a tangible brand identity that not only resonated with his values but also positioned his consultancy as a leader in ethical sourcing. The project exemplified our ability to translate complex ideas into compelling visual narratives, laying the groundwork for Krishna's continued success in the industry.

PS: With over 50.000 views on my reel, posted on Instagram, this project was equally a success as a project itself with a happy customer, while being a perfect showcase of how great design can lead to great brand visibility.



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