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From Bland to Bold: Alison Cosmetics' Visual Makeover

Challenge: In the context of a 30-day challenge project, the task was to develop a compelling visual identity for the fictive Alison cosmetics, to create a new branding that can be used on all sorts of media like packaging, flyers, engravings, social media, website, and emails. The existing font-logo lacked memorability and failed to capture the essence of the brand's vibrant cosmetic range. Additionally, the brand needed to maintain consistency with its soft color palette while appealing to a younger audience seeking bold and daring cosmetic products.

Solution: To address these challenges, the solution involved crafting a vibrant and extravagant visual identity for Alison Cosmetics. Departing from the bland font-logo, the focus was designing an eye-catching logo that resonates with the young target demographic. I took creative liberty adding additional USPs the brand would need to incorporate to appeal to their audience such as ocean-reef-friendly, skinfriendly and perfume-free. Incorporating soft colors ranging from pinks to purples answered to the requested connection to the previous appeal, yet adding a contrasting colours to make the pastel pop. Additionally, utilizing on-trend modern-vintage typography (Retro Star by Genetypeco) established a young and trendy aesthetic. Utilizing resources from platforms like Pexels and Unsplash, a visual art direction style was developed that appealed to the brand's youthful and diverse audience.

Outcome: The successful application of the visual identity, its new logo design and color palette, from moodboard to packaging conveys this fictive brand's commitment to creativity, inclusivity, and innovation in the cosmetics industry. Adding the illustrative packaging appeal in the mockup, what I appreciated most about this project was the bold and daring aesthetic that would set the brand apart from its competitors.

Packaging close-up

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