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Succesfully Promoting Software Solutions for On-Brand Communications with Esko

Esko is a globally recognized leader in software engineering solutions for marketing teams, particularly in the packaging industry. Their innovative tools assist in streamlining packaging processes and creating marketing collateral. To expand their offerings, Esko developed the "Platform for Brands," a collaborative platform aimed at simplifying brand asset management, creation, and deployment across multiple teams and locations.


Challenge: The challenge for Esko was to effectively launch their "Platform for Brands" and demonstrate its transformative potential to companies worldwide. This required creating a compelling website that could convey the platform's benefits in a clear and attractive manner. Apart from being an amazing off-the-shelf solution, the platform would be tailored to each brand's unique needs while seamlessly integrating with Esko's existing software solutions.

Solution: To address this challenge, we began by conducting purposeful workshops to define the project scope, expectations, and deliverables. Through collaborative discussions and mood boards, we established the needed information to create a visual identity and structural hierarchy for the website. With a focus on user experience, we developed wireframes to outline the site's structure and ensure the information was easily consumable for decision-makers.

Once the concept was approved, I streamlined the visual identity with the wireframes and proceeded to design the website. Incorporating informative content, engaging photography, and intuitive navigation, the website was crafted to effectively showcase the platform's capabilities to convince the benefits to potential clients. Additionally, a sub-logo was created specifically for the "Platform for Brands," enhancing its identity within the Esko ecosystem.


After finalizing the design, the project was handed over to colleagues at Code d'Or for development. With speed, top-notch craftsmanship to detail, and a focus on quality, the website was built to meet Esko's specifications and timeline, delivering a seamless user experience. Throughout the execution phase, regular communication and collaboration to check the development versus design ensured the project stayed on track.


The successful delivery of the website enabled Esko to effectively showcase their "Platform for Brands" at key industry events, including Martech, DAM NY '17, and Eskoworld. The platform received positive feedback from attendees and provided a solution that resonated with Esko's international audience. The website served as a powerful tool for Esko to demonstrate the platform's value proposition and attract potential clients.


The project exemplified the importance of collaboration, creativity, and innovation in delivering impactful digital solutions. By understanding Esko's goals and audience needs, we were able to create a website that effectively communicated the benefits of the "Platform for Brands" and showcased Esko's leadership in the industry. Overall, it was a rewarding experience to contribute to the success of Esko's innovative platform launch.

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