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Committed to Facilitating Collaboration with De Ambrassade

De Ambrassade is committed to facilitating communication and collaboration among youth organizations, professionals, policymakers, and politicians to promote the happiness, safety, education, and well-being of children and young people in society.



The challenge 'De Ambrassade' faced was the need to create an online information hub that could efficiently organize and disseminate a wide range of information to its diverse audience. A toolkit for their wide spread of collaborators to use in the field, from quick-search on a smartphone to making case-studies on your tablet, laptop or desktop. They sought to transform their offline branding into a cohesive digital narrative while ensuring the platform was user-friendly, transparent, and engaging.

Solution: To address this challenge, I developed a clear sitemap and organizational structure for the website, ensuring all components were logically linked and easily accessible. Incorporating a youthful and transparent design approach, I created wireframes and component designs that emphasize simplicity and ease of use. Playful elements, such as interactive team member profiles (showing their sassy side 'on hover') and the use of colorful imagery, were integrated to enhance the user experience and make the platform more engaging rather than a big data information hub.

Execution: The website was set up starting from the mobile-touchpoint scaling it to a responsive design system, optimized for seamless usage across various devices. Attention was paid to detail to ensure users could easily navigate the site and access the latest updates and events offered by De Ambrassade. The search-modules, categories, and tagging systems were flawlessly included to people can easily find relatable articles and keep up with this every-changing field of expert-oriented information.

Result: The result was an intuitive and user-friendly platform that effectively communicated De Ambrassade's mission and provided valuable resources to its audience. The website's colorful and engaging design, coupled with its ease of use, contributed to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Conclusion: By embracing the project with the same passion and energy as the team from De Ambrassade, we successfully transformed a potentially mundane data hub into a vibrant and informative online toolkit. The collaboration exemplified the importance of user-centric design and effective communication in creating a digital platform that resonates with its audience.

Created for Code d'Or

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