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FreightFirst - Limitless Logistics, Endless Trust

Challenge: This personal project for, based on a 30-day challenge briefing was to develop a compelling visual identity for FreightFirst that reflects its specialization in secure transport and its commitment to trust and reliability. As a fictive intermediary freight broker, the company needed a visual identity that conveyed its unique value proposition of finding optimal routes for sensitive cargo while providing ongoing monitoring and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Solution: To address the challenge, the solution was to create a brand identity that centered around the core values of trust and security. The logo design was conceptualized to pack all the symbolism of secure packaging, strategic transportation, excellence, and the human touch. Additionally, the creative approach included the possibility of replacing "First" in the company name with the number 1, signifying industry leadership and excellence.

Implementation: The implementation phase involved the detailed creative brainstorming and sketching to design the brand identity elements, and include them in the logo. The logo was crafted to visually represent a professional and contemporary aesthetic. The color palette was chosen to evoke feelings of reliability and stability, while the 'Lato' typography created by Łukasz Dziedzic was selected for its transparent, trustworthy appeal, embodying clarity and legibility. Adding the messaging samples and the tagline "Limitless Logistics, Endless Trust and", later incorporating the created branding in the website design, displays how on multiple touchpoints this branding remains cohesive and professional - successfully completing this challenge. In the web design proposal specifically, I came up with an intuitive, user-friendly tool that would onboard clients effectively while simultaneously reducing the efforts to process the shipment.



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