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Meatball Gallore with Balls&Glory

Balls&Glory, founded by Wim Ballieu, is a renowned restaurant concept known for its locally sourced ingredients and traditional flemish dish with a twist: mashed potatoes with vegetables (aka. 'stoemp') and meatballs stuffed with unique sauce combinations. With a successful branding trajectory, Balls&Glory has established a strong identity resonating with its audience successfully growing to become a small chain while remaining true to its brand values. They were ready for the next step.


Challenge: As Balls&Glory aspired massive growth with its concept to include new franchise stores, a mobile food truck, and supermarket sales. The challenge was to maintain the brand's playful and youthful identity across all platforms. Additionally, there was a need to revamp the website to reflect the brand's growth and showcase its unique offerings and locations.

Solution: While continuous support for the offline touchpoints, like flyers, heating instructions, coasters and other printed collateral like signage and stickerdecals for the truck were frequently on the menu. Addressing the biggest project of rethinking Balls&Glory's website concept in a way that drew inspiration from its playful visual identity was my most impactful project. To create that atmosphere of joy and playfulness, I incorporated parallax effects and animations throughout the website with the appeal of handdrawn illustrations and the dotted-lines that were found in the other touchpoints. The focus for the content was on highlighting the restaurant's beautiful interior and hand-crafted aesthetic, while also showcasing its seasonal product offerings, their mission and history.

Result: The revamped website successfully captured the essence of Balls&Glory's brand identity, creating an engaging and visually appealing online experience for customers. The incorporation of playful elements and attention to detail reflected the brand's commitment to quality and innovation, while remaining experimental and down to earth with youthful enthousiasm. Additionally, the inclusion of humorous elements, such as the "Mister Ballicious" (I'm a big A team-fan) placeholder, added a touch of unexpected personality to the website.

Conclusion: Working with Balls&Glory was a testament to the power of ambition and creativity in driving business success. The project highlighted the importance of maintaining brand consistency while adapting to new challenges and opportunities. Through collaboration and innovation, we were able to continuously create on-point tactile touchpoints, fitting to the seasonal offerings, and create a website that not only reflected the brand's values but also resonated with its audience.

Created for King George



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