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From Dated to Dazzling: iWhite's Packaging Transformation

With an unchanged visual identity and hook since 2008, iWhite understood the need for a much-needed brand renewal. We partnered to wrap their teeth-whitening solutions in a brand refresh and up-to-date packaging design. The result? A direct increase in demand, revenue and to top it off, a new innovative product to expand the product line.


Client Background: In 2005, iWhite launched its teeth whitening brand with a clinical, sterile visual identity, offering revolutionary products aimed at whitening teeth and removing stains. Despite initial success, the brand faced challenges in recent years due to evolving market trends and increased competition from influencer-driven brands. To regain market share and refresh its appeal, iWhite requested a soft rebrand and packaging redesign.

Challenge: The challenge was to modernize iWhite's brand identity, which lacked a compelling narrative and lifestyle elements. With influencer-driven competitors taking over the market share, it was crucial to revitalize the brand's image and introduce new product innovations to stay relevant. The solution involved drafting multiple packaging directions to enhance information structure and improve art direction while staying within budget constraints.

Solution: Despite limitations on lifestyle imagery, the focus shifted to improve via a purely graphic-led visual identity update into the packaging design. I introduced new strategic elements like the smile swoosh in the logo, "since 2005" for credibility, and a silver lining for the premium line, while requesting a drastic update in the packaging format which improves the general perception of the product (taller, so more premium) while being less deep (more product on-shelf), and making sure there is less empty space in the box. Clear visuals showcasing the product's micropearl technology simplified product segmentation and effectively displayed the differentiation in functionality, making it more appealing to consumers. With a "less is more" simplification, the front of the pack effectively communicates the benefit for the consumer (Up to 8 shades whiter!), the differentiation within the range (infused with …); demanding attention and sparking interest. The side of the pack features the same ethos, explaining the ease of use and speed (20 minutes) - inviting people to visit the website through the QR code to see the effect for themselves through the video content.

Implementation: The outcome was a visually striking, colorful, and premium packaging design that captured attention and communicated product benefits effectively. Effectively rolling out the new identity on the other whitening kits, with the addition of a natural whitening strip, further reinforced the brand's refreshed identity. Leveraging social media and paid user-generated content campaigns, iWhite witnessed a significant increase in sales, equally performance and demand from online and offline channels.

Conclusion: Despite initial challenges in aligning expectations, the project concluded successfully with a brand refresh that met the brand's ambitions. The simplified packaging design effectively communicated product information, addressing consumers' key questions and solidifying iWhite's position as a trustworthy, premium leader in its segment. Through strategic branding and targeted campaigns, iWhite achieved its goal of revitalizing its brand image and driving sales growth through its performance campaigns led by UGC content generation with micro-influencers promoting the product.

I would have loved to pull through the effort, improving the visual identity and use of the website, but due to other priorities and the success of lifting the performance, this was not within scope or budget.


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