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Dreaming of a Medicinal Line of Pralines by Neuhaus

Neuhaus, a renowned Belgian chocolate brand, boasts a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. Founded by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels in 1857, the brand initially began as a pharmacy in the prestigious Queen's Gallery. Jean Neuhaus, originally aspiring to become a doctor, cleverly covered his medicines with a layer of chocolate to delight his customers. This innovative approach eventually led to the invention of the first praline and the introduction of the ballotin, a gift box that elegantly presented Neuhaus chocolates.



With a background in nutrition and a keen understanding of the health benefits of certain ingredients, I recognized an opportunity to pitch Neuhaus a collection that paid homage to its origins of blending medicine with sweets. The nutrition industry predominantly offered supplements in pill, powder, or tablet form, lacking focus on flavor. The challenge lay in bridging tradition with modern innovation, creating a product that not only satisfied the taste buds but also provided nutritional benefits.


Introducing the Neuhaus Medicinal Series – a fusion of heritage and modern wellness. The concept proposed collaborating with Neuhaus chocolatiers to expertly balance flavor and nutrition, crafting pralines tailored to meet contemporary wellness needs. Nutritionists would play a pivotal role in formulating these pralines, lending their expertise to enhance brand exposure through their networks. This solution aimed to offer consumers a delicious and nourishing experience, where tradition and science harmoniously intertwined.


My proposal outlined a "praline a day" concept, emphasizing the idea of indulging in a daily treat that also promoted well-being. Visual representations for product launches, including window displays and website designs, were developed to showcase the Neuhaus Medicinal Series. Collaborative discussions with the Neuhaus team explored avenues to bring the concept to fruition. While the creative pitch demonstrated the potential of turning this idea into a successful product while also being a great marketing campaign, ultimately, the concept did not materialize into a tangible product. However, the process highlighted the synergy between strategic marketing and design services. It showcased the ability to ideate innovative solutions that could have contributed to the brand's success across marketing, sales, and press coverage.



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