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Bring Your Walls To Life with Laser by Arte

Arte, a renowned international brand in the realm of interior design, is celebrated for its innovatively crafted wallcoverings that breathe life into spaces, whether residential or commercial. With a penchant for thoughtful designs that range from exuberant to modest, Arte transforms wallcoverings into versatile elements of the atmosphere. Their latest venture, the "Laser by Arte" non-woven wallpaper collection, boasts an array of innovative 3D patterns while retaining the hallmark features that distinguish it from traditional wallpaper.


Challenge: The challenge lay in showcasing the versatility of the "Laser by Arte" collection effectively, especially helping envision how the wallpaper would fit in one's interior. The task involved creating a sales tool that doubled as a sample book, facilitating customers in selecting their preferred design. Moreover, a budget was allocated for the development of a website to promote the new product range.

Solution: To address the challenge, I manually categorized the stack wallpaper samples into four distinct themes, catering to different audience segments based on their lifestyle stages. This segmentation included categories like "Play" for child-friendly designs, "Geometric" for young adults, "Zen" for a mature audience, and "Natural" for timeless elegance enthusiasts. Crafting a narrative for each category, I designed a sample book that not only showcased the patterns, but also allowed customers to envision themselves within their category. Simultaneously, I conceptualized an online simulator on the website, enabling users to visualize the wallpaper patterns on their walls and select complementary paint colors.

Sample book design

Flyer design

Execution: As the interior design shoot and copywriting pieces for each category progressed, I delved deeper into developing the website. The online simulator, a pivotal feature, seamlessly integrated pattern visualization with paint selection. Transitioning from wireframe to design, I ensured a user-friendly and -centric interface and addressed the implementation of the interior elements for creative stimulation with the audience, effectively helping them envision the wallpaper in their room. Artificial reality was not a thing back then, so this was a fitting solution! Concurrently, I finalized the sample book design and oversaw its printing, adhering to precise specifications from paper choice to cut and fold guides to ensure project success.

Result: The launch of the "Laser by Arte" collection was met with success, with ± ten sample books distributed to key stores and a massive amount of flyers disseminated to all sellers. Despite initial challenges with website traffic, particularly on the simulation tool, swift resolutions ensured the project's completion and overall success.

Conclusion: This project underscored the significance of user-centric design and targeted audience research beyond the realms of web design. By aligning product narratives with distinct audience personas, we cultivated relatable and engaging marketing campaigns, resulting in a successful product launch. Embracing creativity and strategic storytelling, this endeavor exemplifies the power of tailored marketing approaches in driving brand success.

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