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Umami Gardens - From Noodles to Narratives: A Journey of Creative Discovery

As an individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences, my journey has been characterized by exploration and self-discovery. With a passion for food and nutrition, I often indulged in the world of comfort and street foods. There was a time when I was an avid hamburger enthusiast, exploring food truck festivals and new burger joints with friends, toying with the idea of opening my own burger joint one day. I even created a poster to express my passion for this delicious meal. Where burgers used to be my passion, my dietary restrictions and becoming a flexitarian shifted my food preferences to ramen (Japanese noodle soup) and poke bowls in my late twenties.


Challenge: Faced with the prospect of diverging career paths, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, contemplating the idea of opening a noodle bar as a potential venture. This decision pushed me out of my comfort zone, prompting me to explore new opportunities and determine where my true passion lies; whether in culinary entrepreneurship or creative marketing consultancy.


Drawing upon my passion and expertise in creative marketing, I took proactive steps to develop a visual identity and business strategy for the envisioned noodle bar. Leveraging my affinity for quirky rubberhose cartoons, I crafted a distinctive logo that embodied the essence of the establishment. Complemented by the bold and refined "Humane" font, this identity exuded a cheerful and fresh theme, reflecting the intended atmosphere of the noodle bar.

In addition to designing the visual identity, I explored innovative avenues to enhance the business's offerings and sustainability initiatives. This included crafting ginger shots from surplus ingredients, collaborating with a local brewery to create a unique beer, and prioritizing vegetarian, gluten-free, and earth-positive menu options. I further extended the brand's presence through the creation of durable, eco-friendly merchandise and the development of a responsive website design.

Result: Ultimately, my journey led to the establishment of Studio Sampersand, a creative marketing agency, instead of pursuing the noodle bar venture. This exercise reinforced my passion for creativity and branding, reaffirming my commitment to supporting brands in expressing their unique identities and passion projects. Through dedication and innovation, I carved out a niche for myself as a creative marketeer, delivering impactful branding strategies and solutions to clients.

Conclusion: In conclusion, my experience of exploring diverse interests and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors has been transformative. By embracing my true calling and channeling my creativity into Studio Sampersand, I rekindled my purpose in helping brands establish their brand identity and storytelling marketing narratives in the market. This journey underscores the importance of self-discovery and following one's passion, ultimately leading to personal and professional fulfillment.

Umami Gardens webdesign | by Studio Sampersand

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