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Supplementing Success: Streamlining Brand Narrative for Growth Potential

With an ever-expanding product range and double-digit growth aim, I partnered for 3 years with Alpha Foods to work on their digital touchpoints on a part-time basis, and elevate their brand narrative. Seeking opportunities through competitor research and creative strategy to improve their website, amazon storefront, and visual collateral in general, I've successfully helped ensure brand consistency and pixel-perfect designsystems.


Client Background: Alpha Foods, a food supplement brand initially launched in the German market, sought in-house support to expand its presence across the EMEA region. With a diverse product range including protein, collagen, and elixir powders, as well as vitamins and pills, Alpha Foods aimed to establish a growing market foothold.

Challenges: The key challenge was to elevate the brand's visual narrative and streamline its marketing strategies to drive growth across customer loyalty, new brand acquisition, and performance metrics such as basket value. Additionally, with a rapidly expanding product portfolio, transitioning to a multi-language model while maintaining design consistency posed logistical hurdles.

Solution: Collaborating closely with the Alpha Foods team, I assisted prioritizing and identifying quick wins and growth opportunities. The implementation of a template-driven, automated InDesign system facilitated seamless design transitions across multiple languages, enabling efficient scaling of creative collateral. I also restructured the content hierarchy to emphasize product benefits and problem-solution approaches, enhancing the brand's narrative and competitiveness.

Execution: From Amazon storefronts to website, social and product-side visuals to packaging narratives, we shifted the focus on conveying a clear problem-solution approach rather than merely listing product features. By categorizing products based on health benefits rather than product type, this solution aims to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Tangible achievements:

  • Successfully implemented a comprehensive design system and automated Indesign filesystem, enhancing workflow efficiency (social, email, product visual templates).

  • Spearheaded the redesign and future-proofing of digital touchpoints, including the website, optimizing performance communication and marketing initiatives.

  • Conducted userflow mapping and leveraged competitor and data analyses to identify marketing innovation opportunities, resulting in strategic insights for future campaigns.

  • Developed and executed structural strategies, concepts, and information architectures for Amazon storefronts and 3rd party collateral across the entire EMEA market, enhancing brand visibility and sales.

  • Researched and implemented design systems and automation processes within the Adobe suite, streamlining tasks such as translations and advertising support.

  • Played a pivotal role in marketing campaign planning and project flows, demonstrating strong project management skills to ensure successful execution.

  • Provided design coaching and support to fellow designer and teammates, fostering skill development and collaboration within the team.

  • Directed and coordinated photoshoots with freelance photographers, from booking to execution follow-up, ensuring high-quality visual assets aligned with brand standards.

Outcome: The transformation resulted in a shift in Alpha Foods' branding strategy, moving from ad-hoc tactics to a more strategic and cohesive planning and brand approach. While there is still growth potential, particularly in further refining product communication through A/B testing and foundational work improving the product lineup, the groundwork laid through automated tools and strategic vision sets the stage for continued success.

Conclusion: By leveraging creative strategy and art direction, we enabled Alpha Foods to establish a strong presence in the EMEA market and lay the foundation for future growth. The collaborative effort between our team and Alpha Foods demonstrates the importance of aligning brand narrative, product strategy with market expansion strategies to drive sustainable growth.



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