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Getting Dandy with this Apishly Good Coffee for Brander

Brander is a coffee company based in Halle, Belgium, offering premium coffee roasted and blended locally. With a commitment to delivering an exceptional coffee experience, Brander sought to establish itself as a leading coffee brand in the region. Open to creative direction and innovation, the team at Brander was eager to differentiate itself in the competitive coffee industry.


Challenge: The challenge for Brander was to create a distinctive visual identity that would resonate with customers and truly set the brand apart from competitors. The goal was to capture the essence of the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship while appealing to modern coffee enthusiasts in Halle and beyond. Additionally, Brander aimed to create a memorable brand experience both online and in their physical space.

Solution: To meet this challenge, a collaborative workshop was conducted to explore creative directions for the brand's visual identity. With a carte-blanche input, we created a dozen directions in which the identity could go towards. For the winning concept, I drew inspiration from both modern and traditional elements, creating a hand-drawn logo featuring a stylized monkey wearing a dandy top hat, enjoying his cup. Because let's face it… the Indian civet would have been a too obvious choice! This whimsical yet sophisticated logo was complemented by a traditional typewriter font, creating a unique and memorable brand identity. The surface to apply the identity took inspiration of the heritage sackcloth coffee bean bags, using heavily textured kraft paper. The logo was applied across various touchpoints, including coffee sachets, cups, mugs, flyers, and business cards, to promote brand consistency and recognition. Additionally, a stylish interior design concept was developed to enhance the brand experience at Brander's physical location by the team at King George.

Result: The launch of Brander's new visual identity and brand concept was met with great success, culminating in an impressive PR campaign that garnered industry recognition. Brander's commitment to quality and innovation was recognized with the Venuez Hospitality Award for Best Coffee Concept, further solidifying its position as a leader in the local coffee scene. The brand's cohesive and memorable identity resonated with customers, driving increased foot traffic and sales both online and at their physical location.

Conclusion: Brander's journey exemplifies the power of creative branding and strategic design in establishing a strong brand presence and driving business success. By embracing innovation while staying true to their commitment to quality, Brander was able to differentiate itself in the competitive coffee market and create a memorable bespoke brand experience for customers. The success of Brander's rebranding efforts underscores the importance of investing in a cohesive and compelling brand identity to stand out in today's crowded marketplace.

Created for King George PS: The branding later received a more stylised identity, staying through to the monkey and naming for this bespoke coffee brand.

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