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For the Ride of Life - Wrangler In-House Creative Support

Wrangler is a renowned denim brand known for its durable, authentic, and stylish clothing designed to meet the needs of real-life experiences. With a rich history dating back to the dawn of denim, Wrangler has been catering to a diverse range of individuals, from cowboys to rockstars. The brand's commitment to functionality and innovation is reflected in its special features such as flat rivets, watch pockets, and felled seams, making Wrangler jeans a staple in everyday performance wear.

Challenge: As the in-house digital graphic designer at Wrangler Europe for 3 years, the challenge was to translate the brand's rich marketing narrative into compelling digital touchpoints. From collection launches, performance activations to marketing-led campaigns, the goal was to create engaging and shoppable designs for emails, advertising content, website assets, and make sure our 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Debenhams and Bol where seamlessly provided with the latest & greatest content throughout the EMEA market. To ensure efficient collaboration, I assisted with my structured, strategic skills to set up the company-wide digital asset manager, transition our Magento to the Salesforce content management system (CMS), ensuring that design solutions could be easily implemented within the new platform. For the custom-coding and performance tracking of our pages, I could always rely on the close collaboration with the Retrofuzz team, ensuring top-notch solutions to drive sales and meet expectations. When needed, I even wrote a few lines of code myself, ensuring launches would be met.

Solution: To address these challenges, a structured approach was adopted, leveraging project management tools such as Bynder to streamline graphic requests and manage digital assets efficiently. For swift transitions between my design proposals and setting them up, we developed modular solutions within the CMS with click-and-drag blocks that could be used to the heart's content. Custom-coded pieces were developed as needed to accommodate unique use cases, ensuring flexibility and scalability in design implementation.

Result: The collaborative efforts resulted in successful digital marketing campaigns, including collaborations with Vans, celebrating the 30 years of Texas, building a comprehensive Fit Guide, heritage fits campaigns bringing Ode to the Cowgirls, and seasonal collection drops. The "To The Icons" campaign stood out as a personal highlight, featuring a pop-up shop in the center of London, live gigs, and virtual experiences streamed on the website. From designing landing pages to creating social media and email content, to animated gifs and 3PP collateral, the role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, contributing to the brand's digital presence and engagement across various platforms.

Conclusion: Working at Wrangler provided valuable insights and experiences, particularly in navigating tight deadlines and optimizing visuals and communications across diverse touchpoints. The dynamic nature of the role allowed for continuous learning and growth, fostering creativity and innovation within the team. Despite the challenges, the journey with Wrangler was rewarding, leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape of the brand. As Wrangler continues to evolve and adapt to changing market trends, the lessons learned and experiences gained will serve as a solid foundation for future endeavors in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and design. Although riding off into the sunset, I will forever wrap myself in Wrangler.

With love for the Wrangler team <3



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