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Ingniting passion and body positivity with Fraai

'Lingerie Fragile' sought to redefine its brand identity to appeal to a younger audience while maintaining its commitment to offering high-quality lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear. Recognizing that their current name and brand identity had a dated appeal, they were looking to rebrand their stores from the ground up - they came to the right people!



Recognizing that the name "Lingerie Fragile" itself might also convey an older perception, especially combined with their dated visual identity, we proposed changing the name to a more fitting alternative that is in line with commitment to body positivity and craftsmanship. The challenge was to create a new concept that is timeless, elegant, and contemporary for which we suggested a new name: "Fraai", Dutch for "beautiful" or "pretty". This new name, shorter and positive, would be fitted with a new logo and identity, adaptable for various applications such as signage, website design, and marketing collateral. It needed to resonate with the target audience and differentiate Fraai from competitors in the lingerie market.

Solution: Drawing inspiration from the tactile, refined appeal of lacewear lingerie, the solution led to selecting 'Giaza Pro' by Anthony James as the logo font and incorporating a single-quotation mark icon in a square pattern reminiscent of lace patterns. A grey-blue color palette with bright blue accents was chosen to convey a refreshing contemporary look, complemented by a strong triangular shape for versatility in design. The setup would be elegant, refined, and distinguished, leaving room for colorful imagery that puts focus on the product. Imagery would be delivered by the Vandevelde group, brand owners of magnificent brands such as PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and other brands alike. Although hesitant, the brand owners agreed to add their own shoots and UGC content to ensure a constant flow of inspiring content for their marketing endeavors.

Execution: The visual identity was executed across various tactile touchpoints, including gift vouchers, store window decals, flyers, and billboard banners. The website design focused on showcasing inspiring photography and the latest collections, emphasizing the personal shopper experience offered by Fraai in their stores. A crucial service that sets Fraai apart from its competitors, especially for fitting a properly sized bra, which helps with comfort, sagging, and general posture (neck and back complaints). Additionally, a semi-annually magazine was created to share styling tips and lifestyle content, further reinforcing the brand's expertise and values.

Result: With the new brand identity in place, Fraai successfully repositioned itself in the market, attracting a younger demographic and garnering positive attention on social media. The owners embraced the new identity with an addictive enthusiasm, implementing creative initiatives and driving growth through effective marketing strategies through their socials (follow here!)

Conclusion: The rebranding project demonstrated the importance of evolving with changing consumer preferences and market trends. By embracing a new name and visual identity, Fraai positioned itself for future success, equipped with a cohesive brand image and engaging marketing materials.

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