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Celebrating Yamaha Ténéré 700's 40th Anniversary!

The celebration of the Ténéré came around the corner; as an avid motorcycle enthusiast and rider, I immediately wanted to learn more about the bike's specifics, clicking through to the website. Expecting a flawless user experience (UX) for Yamaha's Ténéré's special anniversary, I was slightly disappointed.


Challenge: The landing page lacked visual appeal, had a cluttered menu bar, and lacked engaging content to captivate users on it's rich heritage. Additionally, the product detail page missed the opportunity to effectively showcase the features and improvements one can get for the Ténéré 700's models.


To address these challenges, I rolled up my sleeves and started cracking on the solution which involved a redesign focused on improving the landing page (full design below). This included incorporating animations and visual storytelling elements to create a more engaging user experience. The cluttered menu bar was streamlined to provide a sleeker, more minimalistic interface. Additionally, a comparison table was added to highlight the differences between the Ténéré 700's 2023 models, making it easier for users to evaluate their options. Moreover, I decided to give Yamaha's style guide a contemporary update with new web fonts that complemented the brand's logo, replacing the website's Ubuntu and Play to Barlow Condensed by Jeremy Tribby & PT Sans by ParaType.

The menu bar underwent a redesign to create a more intuitive navigation experience, improving accessibility to key sections of the website. The addition of a comparison table provided users with a clear overview of the Ténéré 700's features and specifications. Finally, a dynamic ad was created for Instagram to drive traffic to the revamped website.


The result of the digital redesign for Yamaha's Ténéré website was a significant improvement in user experience and engagement - if I say so myself. The enhanced visual elements, streamlined navigation, and informative comparison table contributed to a more user-friendly interface, simplifying the journey to one page that does it all. The modernized web fonts added a fresh touch to Yamaha's brand identity, while the dynamic ad on Instagram would surely drive traffic to the redesigned website. Overall, the execution of the digital roadmap effectively addressed the challenges and provided a more compelling online experience for Ténéré enthusiasts. You can steal this design, Yamaha ❤️



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